Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jung Yong Hwa, The greatest musician of South Korean is accused to went under the plastic surgery procedure for complete makeover.

Jung Yong-hwa was born in June 1989 in Yeoksam dong. His first name usually written as Yonghwa and sometime Yong-Hwa. He is emerging singer, actor, producer and songwriter of South Korea who has been engaged with CNBLUE, music group since 2009. Some of his record labels are FNC Entertainment and Warner Music Group which give him huge fame.

jung yong hwa before after plastic surgery

Possible Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery

There are group of people who usually tweet and post on their Facebook wall that Jung is changed now. This type of viral news spread gossip among his fan and now everyone is speculating about his changes.

When we compare the before and after pictures of Yonghwa we can clearly notice sign of surgery on his body. First and for most one is the eyelid surgery. See the right photo has wide and big eyes than left one. He might have had double eyelid surgery which is common among the South Korean celebrities.

Jung who was nominated for PaekSang Arts Award is also rumored for minor nose surgery and lip reconstruction. When I looked closely and compare above photo, I found the sign of lip augmentation only. Now he has well shaped and juicy lip, earlier he has ugly and too small lips.

One more thing which we can notice is big change in his hairstyle. So we can say that along with surgical process, Jung might have also used professional cosmetic treatment from some expert makeup artist. If you simply check his old photo, you would ended up saying that this is photo of some school boy, but if we look at latest picture we must have to say that this is photo of star celebrity of Korea. This is nothing but the power for combination of surgery and makeup treatment.

Cosmetic surgery of Jung Yong Hwa was successful and everything went well for him, that's why he looks handsome, attractive and appealing while on stage. What do you say? Please share your opinion by commenting here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After

Whitney Cummings a US based comedian actress is accused to have had plastic surgery to keep attractive.

Whitney Cummings was born on September 1982 in Georgetown of Washington. She is famous American comedian star who is best known for creator of CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She got much praised for her role in MTV show Punk’d running since 2003. Apart from that she appeared in various other TV show like Frankie Go Boom, Whitney and Made of Honor.

whitney cummings before and after plastic surgery

Possible Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

She is now talk of the town for her spectacular and gorgeous look. Do you know that she already entered into her 30s but still looks young and beautiful. Which leads many of us to start thinking about any possibility of surgery, she might have had.

Rhinoplasty Surgery : There wasn't any need of doing nose job but when we compare her recent picture with that of the older one then we can observe slight change on that. She might have some reconstruction process make her lower nasal cartilage big smaller and more rounded and pointed.

Eyelid and Face lighting : Another two big surgeries that Whitney had are eyelid surgery and facelift with lighting process. When we compare her before and after photos, there is no doubt that her face looks smooth, white and graceful. One can't get such face by simple or even professional makeup treatment.

There is also group of people who consistently saying that Cummings could had minor lip augmentation too. Her lips look juicy, wide and thick but we can't say that that is result of surgery, as when we compare her photos we can't see much difference.

Whitney Cummings denied all the rumors that were speared about her cosmetic surgery and said that I always go for professional makeup treatment and my makeup artist are smart enough to make my face glorious. What do you say my dear friends? Can you see any sign of surgery on her face? Please post your comments here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ciara Nose Job and Breast implants

Ciara, a 28 years old American singer is rumored to have had series of plastic surgery including breast and nose job.

Ciara Princess Harris better known by her stage name Ciara is the successful American singer, actress, dancer, model and record producer. She was born on October 1985 and got huge attention for her debut album "Goodies", which was released on September 2004. Album ranked third on US Billboard 200 and got triple gold platinum from RIAA.

ciara breast and nose job surgery

Possible Ciara Plastic Surgery :-

It looks like that she decided to went for various kind of surgery to remain young and beautiful despite of passing years. When she recently appeared on one of her stage show, she looked slightly changed. This is why group of her fans started speculating about possibility of any plastic surgery, she might have had. Below are some of them:

Rhinoplasty : It is medical term which is mostly used for surgery of nose. When we first look at Ciara we can easily identify the sign of nose job. Most of her fans believe that he had nose job after her debut. Some of her closed fiends say that earlier she had thick nose which become thin and sharp.

Breast augmentation : It is the most shouted surgery in case of Ciara. When she debuted in music industry she had almost flat chest but she went under the knife and changed that. If you look at the pictures given above you can clearly find the difference. Looks like her bra size now changed to C cup and that is due to breast implants. Now she has well shaped and rounded breast which she got after injecting some silicon filler in that.

Ciara Princess is the talented celebrity but like others, she denied to went her cosmetic surgery and said that changed in her body is due to her regular workout and exercise. Her statement isn't acceptable and 100% unbelievable, as she has totally transform her body and it is difficult to get such body by natural food and usual workout. What do you say? Did she had surgery? Please share your comments here.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery Before and After

Meagan Good an American film actress is rumored for her plastic surgery process. She is one of those celebrity who got praised by media too.

Meagan Good also known as Meagan Monique Good is the young and beautiful Hollywood actress and producer. She was born in August 1981 at Panorama city of Los Angeles, California. She has been appeared in dozen of movies and TV show, few of them are A Think Like A Man, Stomp The Yard, Deliver Us from Eva and Deception.

meagan good before and after plastic surgery

Possible Meagan Good Plastic Surgery :

The 32 year old model went under the surgeon's knife to change her body and face. As you know that now every celebrities go for surgery to sustain in the world of glamor and Megan is one of them. Many media houses occasionally debate about her changes and few of them are:

Breast augmentation : If you show, Megan on her recent commercials, television shows then you might be socked. Now, she looks sexy and bold and that is due to breast implant process. Earlier, she had B cup size and now it is transformed to D cup shape. It is for a sure that she had breast surgery and they are well placed away from each other and rounded too. She might also have some breast lift process to tighten her boobs.

When we compare her before and after photo and check her recent photo shoot then we can clearly see the difference.

Facial Treatment : Along with the breast process, Megan might have had some surgery for her face. If you look at closely you can see that face is stretch and smooth. She might took chemical peeling and face rejuvenation treatment to get bright and shiny face.

Meagan Good has not confirmed anything about her cosmetic surgery. She is one of those personality who don't like to share their secrets, but we can easily identify that. Nothing is hidden in the world of glamor and nothing is permanent. So may be in future at her 40s she go for more surgeries to be young and beautiful. Please, post your comments and share your views.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eminem is one of those few rappers, who become hot topic due to his plastic surgery. He has just released new album, but still every one is talking about his face only.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the birth name, But he is mostly known by his stage name Eminem. He was born in October, 1972 at Saint Joseph of Missouri. He is well known American singer, rapper, actor and songwriter. Some of his remarkable album are Recovery, Relapse, 8 Mile and Encore.

eminem before and after plastic surgery

Possible Eminem Plastic Surgery :-

If we compare the current pictures of Slim Shady with that of early 2000s we can easily say that his face is completely changed. Rumors about the possibility of surgery started when he appears on one of his stage show in 2009. At that time his face was totally changed and almost every one recognized the change. It was even difficult for his fans to identify that the guy singing on stage is Marshall.

Botox Injection : You can see the change in the face and that is due to botox and facelift only. He is in his 40 and in order to hide the age, he must have adopted the botox procedure. But It makes his face smooth and shiny. We can't see any wrinkle and forehead line on his face which is stiff too. Everyone criticized and some of his fan said that "Eminem is the worst case of wrong face surgery", What do you say.

Another big change in his face is his eye. Earlier he had big and stretched eyes which helped me to appeal the crowd and stage audience. But now due to poor silicon filler in his face, which looks like spread near his eye and ultimately caused it to be small. Looks like he might have had eyelid surgery too.

There isn't any official confirmation from Eminem regarding his cosmetic surgery. But picture says thousands words. We can obviously say that surgeon made big mistake and over face filler make him ugly now. What do you say? Should he go again any try to get his older look back? Please share your opinion by commenting here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Si Yeon is the another South Korean actress who has been in plastic surgery controversy since last few years.

Park Si Yeon is beautiful and charming South Korean actress who joined the miss Korea pageant in year 2000. She was born in 29th March, 1979 in Busan. She has been given PaekSang Arts award for Best New Actress in Film. He made her acting debut in China in 2004 when was only 25. Some of the remarkable movies are The Scent, The Innocent Man, Coffee House and Marine Boy.

park si yeon before and after plastic surgery

Possible Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery :-

As you know celebrity has to keep their appearance strong and for that many of them go for makeup, facial treatment or hair color, while there are group of celebrities who believe to get new and appealing look by having cosmetic surgery only.

In Park Si Yeon's case, We can see that she is totally changed. When you compare her before and after pictures you can clearly see the difference. In early 90s she had chubby cheeks with small eyes and circle face. But in her recently released photo she has V-line face with sunken cheeks. That is enough to prove that she went under surgeon's knife for makeover.

Park Si is in her 30s and she still looks young, This is due to Botox and Facelift surgery. Looks like she also have had nose job. We can obviously see the difference in bridge of her nose. Another possible surgery she might have had is double eyelid, which is common among the South Korean personalities. We can see that even if, she changed her face but she still looks beautiful and that's what the result of successful surgery is. This can be my personal opinion, so you are free to judge her by commenting here.

So, By and large Park Si Yeon had series of plastic surgery to get totally new western look. There isn't any official statement from her regarding her changes and her silence says everything to us. Please share views by placing your valuable comments here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cho Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cho Kyuhyun, The leading South Korean singer is another example of celebrity plastic surgery in Southern Asia.

Cho Kyuhyun was born in February 1988 in Seoul of South Korea. He is famous singer, radio DJ, song writer and musical theater actor. He has been working with Super Junior since 2006 and he is also known by his nicknames Scholar Kyu, Chubby Thing and DraKyu.

cho kyuhyun before and after plastic surgery

Possible Cho Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery :-

In Hollywood, Celebrity go for surgery for their hobby only, while in East-South Asia celebrity go under the knife to get more western kind of look.

In South Korea, It is common practice to go for surgery and there is no any restriction for that. So you can see that even non-celebrity people also rush for that. SkiKyu is one of those personality which we can easily catch with the changes.

According to the new look for Kyuhyun, We can say that like Yoon Shi Yoon, Cho might want to get totally western look to enhance his personality. When we compare his before and after photos we can easily recognize all the changes in his face. I must say you even don't believe that latest photo is of Cho.

Eyelid surgery : According to surgeon, Most shouted surgery that completely transform Kyuhyun's face is double eyelid surgery. It went well and due to that he looks completely different. His eyes are most noticeable change that we can see by compare both pictures.

Cho is the youngest member of K-pop boy band group, which is known as Super Junior-M. He is one of the main vocalists of Super Junior Group.

Cho Kyuhyun already confessed about that and he also added that his close friend even didn't recognize him after plastic surgery. He said that, "I'm happy with the result and hoping that my fans would also like that." What do you say? Do you think that cosmetic surgery went well for him? Please share your opinion by commenting here.