Saturday, April 19, 2014

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Shin Hye recently cough in camera and by she become most gossiped girl to have had plastic surgery.

Park Shin Hye is famous South Korean actress, dancer and Singer. She was born in 1990 in Gwangju, South Korea. She has performed remarkable role in various TV drams and show including "The Heirs", "You're Beautiful", "Flower Boys Next Door". She has been awarded so many time by PaekSang Arts Award, KBS Short-Drama, SBS Drama Awards.

Park Shin Hye before and after Plastic Surgery

Possible Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery :-

Now a days so many Korean celebrities are rumored to went under surgeon's knife and Park Shin is one of them. Her surgery gossip attracted lot of people and every day so many people give their opinion about whether she had surgery or not. Gradually bubble of whole rumor become so big and many reported and media also included that to investigate the truth about her changes.

Eyelid Surgery : There is huge number of people in Social media constantly saying that Park Hye might have double eye lid surgery to get rid of traditional South Asian look and get beautiful face.

Nose Job : When we check before and after picture of Park, we can see some changes over there but its minor changes which isn't strong evidence. Few of her fans say that she is naturally beautiful while other saying that she could have minor non-surgical treatment or chemical peel to improve her look.

Park Shin Hye recently told in her interview in Shin Sn Dong that "I am natural since I ate well. On her Taxi interview when MC asked straight question about her cosmetic surgery she denied having any surgery. She added that I ever told that I didn't like my eye and nose at time of childhood but that doesn't mean that I could have changed that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Hyun Joong another South Korean actor is reported to have had plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Kim Hyun Joong ( born in June 1986 at Seoul ) is the leading South Korean actor, entertainer and main rapper of boyband SS501 since year 2005. He has been appeared in so many different TV shows ( i.e Playful Kiss, Nonstop, Hotelier, Boys over Flowers ) and perform lead in popular movies like Shark Bait.

Kim Hyun Joong before and after plastic surgery
Kim Hyun Joong Before and After Photos

Possible Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery :

You may have seen so many Korean personalities undergone cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance but Kim Joong is different among them. When we look at his face we can see that he hadn't went for too much surgeries procedure to get new and handsome look.

Rhinoplasty - Kim has already confessed that he went for nose job. He told that nose surgery was to fix his nose shape which was broken in past. He added that I didn't went for surgery with the intention to improve my look but I went for reconstruction surgery after having accident.

Above before and after photo of Kim Hyun clearly indicates that he had nose job and that not only fixing his broken nose but also gives perfect shape. Now he has sharp nose with rounded tip.

Kim is one of few celebrities who openly admit to went for surgery. He not only confessed that but also told the actual reason behind that. According to him, Rhinoplasty was for medical reason only. But many magazine and critics suspecting that he told it as medical reason to avoid too much expose and controversy from media.

From pictures of Kim Hyun Joong's plastic surgery, it looks like he only went for nose job and we can not see any other changes other than that. Kim has natural beauty and he looks perfect with that. I think he should avoid any farther surgeries to grown up gracefully.

What do you say? Share your views by commenting here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Faith Hill Plastic Surgery Before and After

Faith Hill, The famous pop singer of USA is in gossip of media to went under plastic surgery to get better look.

Faith Hill also known as Audrey Faith Perry was born in September 1967 and she is leading American country pop singer and occasional Hollywood actress. She married to singer Tim McGraw and couple have recorded several successful duets. Some of her popular songs are "Let's make love", "Breathe", "This Kiss", "The Way you love me" and "Baby you belong".

faith hill before and after plastic surgery
Faith Hill Photo - Before and After

Possible Faith Hill Plastic Surgery :-

She tried to ignore the rumors of any possible surgeries but after months of reports that Faith was heading toward various suspecting.

She is at her 40s and looks really good. She recently admitted to have wrinkle and also added to live healthy lifestyle without any cosmetic surgery. But wait! What I can see is there are some minor changes in her face and body which break her statement of being natural.

When we check her few photos we forced to guess about her. There is no doubt that she is hottest and beautiful Country music girl and so many of her fans couldn't even imagine her with any surgery.

In her recent interview at Redbook magazine she told that "I have a lot of wrinkle and that's probably laugh lines". She added that, "I can't say never to surgery but I'm kind of a naturalist". Her words says everything. Looks like she might have had Botox injection and Facelift to improve her look and to give her fresh and natural looking face.

When we compare her before and after photo we can see that her forehead looks shiny and smooth which might be the result of botox surgery. Along from that she could have some facelift to remove wrinkle and jawlines.

Fortunately, surgeries for Faith Hill went smoothly and it didn't changed her basic look. It just improve her look to get more attraction. What do you say about her minor changes?

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robin McGraw an Author is rumored to undergone plastic surgery to get new look and to improve her personality.

Robin McGraw is the famous author and wife of Dr Phill McGraw. She has written well known book including Inside My Heart and What’s Age Got to Do with It. She occasionally appears in several television program and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two son and amazing dog Maggie.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and after
Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Photo - Before and after

Possible Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery :-

According to many surgery analyzer She might have had nose job, Botox injection, lip augmentation, cheek implants. When she recently appear in the Opera Show we can totally unrecognizable and looked like young in age of 30s but fact is she is no more in 30s and all this things force us to start thinking about her possible surgeries.

Nose Job :- When you see the recent photo of Robin you will probably first see her nose, As it completely changed. Now her nose is well shaped, rounded and much bigger as well. Earlier she was having small nose.

Cheek Implants :- Another possible surgery is changed in her cheeks. Now this 50 year old author have plump cheek by injecting some filler into that. Earlier she was having slightly deep cheek.

Botox Injection :- This is the surgery which almost every celebrity having  50 plus age think about. As a result of botox treatment you can remove wrinkle from your face by some filler injection on many area of that. So you can see that McGraw is looking young now.

lip augmentation :- Last but not least is lip job. When you compare her before and after photo we can say that now she has perfect pair of lip which might be due some lips filler.

When Media asked Robin McGraw, She completely refused to go for any plastic surgery and said that I completely against such kind of cosmetic changes and added that new look is due to usage of proper beauty cream and treatment. So what do you say, Does she right? Or she have had surgery to look young?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Ah Joong is another Korean celebrity who is gossiped to have had plastic surgery for improving her face.

Kim Ah Joong is the film actress, model and a singer of South Korea. She was born in 1982 in Seoul and completed her graduate from Dongduk Women's University and attended the International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland. She started her film career from movie "When Romance Meets Destiny"and has won PaekSang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress in Film.

kim ah joong before and after plastic surgery
Kim Ah Joong Photos - Before and After

Possible Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery :-

We have already talked about so many South Korean celebrities who went for surgeries and Kim is no exception. We can't say that exactly how many time she had done but it went smoothly for her and we can consider that she has had really successful cosmetic surgery.

She started her film career in 2005 and within 5 years she become top class actress in South Korea. So many people believes that this could be result of her successful and series of plastic surgeries including eyelids, nose job, jawline and minor lip adjustments.

Rhinoplasty - Earlier Kim had wide nose with bulbous at the tip. But to make her appearance attractive and eye-catching she had nose job. Looks like Kim made her nose narrower, sharper and smaller.

Double eyelid surgery : This is the most common surgery among the people of South Korea. Mostly Southern Asian peoples have narrow and small eyes which make them less convincing personality. According to researches, people with big and wide eyes has more convincing power. So in order to make her eye little big she might have went for eyelid surgery.

Kim Ah had week jawline in past but now we can see that she is having attractive and strong jawline.

Though Kim Ah Joong didn't confirmed any of her plastic surgeries but picture say thousands words. What do you guys thinking about her changes? Please share your valuable comments here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilyn Denis a famous Canadian television personality is our today's plastic surgery gossip girl.

Marilyn Denis born in Edmonton, Canada in 1958 is the popular and well known radio and TV celebrity of Canada. After getting her degree in television and advertising from University of Idaho, she started career as anchor in various TV shows. Some great TV shows that she host are "The Marilyn Denis Show" and CityLine.

Marilyn denis before and after plastic surgery
Marilyn Denis Photo - Before and After

Possible Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery :-

Not only Korean or American but nowadays Canadian celebrities are also rumored to have various kind cosmetic surgeries to improve their looks and to express their personality in front of their fans and TV viewers. Denis is one of those Canadian personality who has been regularly in news for her possible surgeries.

Many media and fan consistently reporting and writing about Marilyn's surgery and in order to prove that they also share convincing before and after pictures. We we tried to ask her, she totally refused such rumors and told that I never went for any surgery and in fact I'm against such cosmetic changes.

Denis is accused to have had lip augmentation, nose job and minor facial treatment. Lets talk about all of them one by one.

Marilyn is the host and being TV personality you should have attractive and eye catching look which might lead her to went for lip surgery. You can see her recent photo having juicy and healthy lips.

When we compare her older and newer photos we can also find some changes in her face. She is in her 50s but we can able to see any wrinkles in her face. She looks refreshing, energetic and younger than her 40s looks. This force us to think on Botox injection and facelift kind of surgeries. Dr done that so accurately and she looks gracefully without any doubt.

Marilyn Denis surgery treatment is example of good and well executed surgery. Being celebrity she should be more careful about their appearance. What is your views and inputs about her new look?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kim Sang Bum Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Sang Bum is the popular South Korean actor who has been accused to have plastic surgery to get fresh look.

Kim Sung Bum ( born on July 1989 ) is also known as Kim Bum. He is famous Actor, Model and TV star of South Korea. He has performed outstanding role in movies like "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, Hellcats, Death Bell, The Gifted Hands. He is also known for his long lasting role as So Yi Jung in "Boys over Flowers" movie.

kim sang bum before and after plastic surgery

Possible Kim Bum Plastic Surgery :-

South Korea is the country where not only female but male celebrity has huge craze for cosmetic surgery and Kim is one of them. This South Korean singer went under knife for reparation surgery and to correct surgery mishap.

One of the most shouted surgery that people keep speculating about him is eyelid surgery and Kim recently openly speak about that on his radio show "Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza". He said that In my early debut days I got double eyelid surgery as suggested by my agency CEO and recently went under for corrective eyelid surgery to repair my droopy eyelids.

Apart from this Kim also went under surgeon's knife for repairing his knee ligaments. According to few Korean media he had to went for surgery after injuring his leg on a trampoline. He injured his shoulder on May while shooting and he might have some work done for that as well.

There are only few personality who openly talk about their plastic surgery and Kim Bum is one of them. After confession of this 34 year Korean celeb many of South Korean criticizing him for changing his face while there many fans who appreciate that Kim is so open with his fan and tells everything.