Saturday, September 20, 2014

Super Junior Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery Before After

Eunhyuk, a lead dancer of famous band Super Junior is accused to have had plastic surgery to get new look.

Eunhyuk was born on April 1986 at Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi. and his birth name is Lee Hyuk Jae. He is well known South Korean singer, dancer, actor, rapper and songwriter. He become dancer of Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H and join them in early 2011. He appeared for many leading television show.

super junior eunhyuk before and after plastic surgery

Possible Super Junior Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery

Since last few months group of people are constantly gossiping the surgery of various member of Super Junior band. Eunhyuk is the most shouted name among all the members. If you want to know more about that then you should checkout my below detail observation for same.

When we compare the before and after picture of Eunhyuk, we can clearly say that the change in his face is due to age only. As you know that most of time when we speculating about him we only have his teenager photo and it is obvious that everyone look slightly different from their childhood age. No doubt we can see lot of change but it seems to be due to the change in his age only. It's natural changes only.

I can't see any sign of cosmetic surgery like lip augmentation, nose job and other. By looking at his track record and profession we must say that there is no any guarantee that he won't go under knife in future. Mostly at the age of 30s, South Korean celebrity choose to have various kind of surgery to keep themselves young and attractive.

Fact is that none of member of Super Junior has confirmed any of the rumors about their plastic surgery facts. So we just have to judge them by checking their various photographs only. Please share your experience by commenting here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Yumi Wong Plastic Surgery Before After

Yumi Wong is the well known Malaysian model who is now talk of the town for her changes due to plastic surgery.

Yumi Wong SK is was born on August 1989 in Malaysia. She is freelance model, dancer and drama actress who lives in Kuala Lumpur. If you are Malaysian then you must have seen her in many local nationalized events, on cover of magazines and TV advertises.

yumi wong before and after plastic surgery

Possible Yumi Wong Plastic Surgery :-

There are is group of people who is posting lot a lot about the recent changes in the body of Yumi. It force us to start speculating more and more about the possibility of surgery that she might have had. She is 25 year old and looks beautiful, charming and glamorous too.

According to some expert and surgeon, Yumi might went under the knife to get sexy body and attractive face. Below are some of her surgeries.

Breast Implants : If you ever saw her recent photos then you can see the noticeable change her in breast. It change from B cup size to C cup. Looks like she might have had breast augmentation to increase the size of her boobs, so that she could attract more and more male fans.

Rhinoplasty : Another big change in her body that we can notice is all about her nose. Her nose is narrowed and sharper than ever. She could have nose job to get such beautiful nose.

These all are just rumors only. There isn't any official confirmation from Yumi Wong. But when we compare her before and after photo we can easily come to conclusion that she has some minor cosmetic surgery to improve her look. What do you say? Please share your inputs by commenting here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jin Se Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jin Se Yeon is the female protagonist of South Korea and now gossiped to have had plastic surgery procedure to gain totally new look.

Jin Se Yeon was born on February 1994 in Seoul of South Korea. She completed his graduation from Chung Ang University and debuted in film industry in 2010. Currently she is one of the best actress and known for her role in TV serial Bridal Mask and Doctor Stranger. She won SBS Drama awards and KBS Drama Awards for best New Star.

jin se yeon before and after plastic surgery

Possible Jin Se Yeon Plastic Surgery :

Jin is just 20 year old but gain much popularity in South Korean drama industry. Do you know why? She entered in this industry at the age of 17 only and before her debut she might went under surgeon's knife to have glamor look. As you know that having in entertainment industry actress should be good looking, charming and sexy too. Below are some of the possible procedure she might have had.

Breast augmentation : As you know that Jin Se debuted in Drama field at the teenager age but now she looks bold and the main reason behind this is her sexy looking chest. Seems like she could have breast implant to have appealing look and to attract male crowds. Don't you think she looks more hot and sexier than ever? Yes! She is.

Double eyelid surgery : Another most shouted change in her body is her eye, which is wider and bigger than ever. She has differential herself from typical South Asian look which is well known for it's small and tiny eyes. She could have appointed good surgeon to change her eye and ultimately get western kind of look.

Jin Se Yeon has not clarify any of the above changes. But when we compare her before and after picture we can clearly see that she might have at least some minor cosmetic surgery to be more attractive and beautiful. Good news is that all went well for her, What do you say? Does she look charming after her changes? Please share your thoughts by commenting here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Chae Young, The South Korean actress and Love Now star is accused to have plastic surgery at the age of 30.

Han Chae Young was born on September 1980 in Daegu of South Korea. She is famous actress, model and television personality who started her career few years back. Some of her remarkable movies are Good Morning President, The Influence, Bet on my Disco, Girlfriends and Lover. She married to Choi Dong joon on 2007.

han chae young before and after plastic surgery

Possible Han Chae Young Plastic Surgery :-

More and more numbers of netizens are gossiping about the change in the look of Han. Recently her past photo was revealed and that leads so many of us think about various possible surgery she might had.

Double Eyelid surgery: Like many other Korean celebrity, Han is also rumored to have had eye surgery. When we compare her before and after picture we can see that her eyes has been changed and that is only due to the eyelid surgery.

South Asian have small eyes and that's why since last few decades large and large number of peoples go for eye surgery to get wider and attractive eyes that help them to be attention grabbing personality.

Han Chae Young looks beautiful and she indeed has charming personality. But frankly speaking it lead us to think about cosmetic surgery she might have gone through. She didn't say anything about that but her silence speaks thousand words.

Chae Young is in her 30s and still looks Young and that could be possible by having some Botox treatment and other professional makeup service. What do you say? Please share your views by commenting here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jun Ji Hyun, The South Korean beauty and comedy actress is accused to have has plastic surgery to enhance various part of her body.

Jun Ji Hyun mostly known as Gianna Jun was born on October 1981 in Seoul. She is popular for her remarkable role as "The Girl" in romantic comedy movie My Sassy Girl which was released in 2001. She also appeared in TV shows like Steal My Heart and Happy Together. Some of the movies are Windstruck, The Thieves, The Berlin File. She has received so many Awards for her remarkable performance.

jun ji hyun before and after plastic surgery

Possible Jun Ji Hyun Plastic Surgery :

There is no doubt that Jun Ji looks beautiful and have stunning face. If you check their photo which was taken at her debut time, you would definitely start thinking the possibility of any surgeries. South Korea is considered as capital of surgery and now nobody surprises if you see celebrity gossiped for surgery.

Well, you wouldn't need any magnifying glass to see the change in face of Ji Hyun. When we compare her before and after picture we can clearly see change in her eyes, nose and cheeks. According to critics and experts, she might have had eyelid surgery and that is why her eye looks wider and little bigger than ever.

Changes in her nose are sign of nose job. She had sharp, narrowed and well shape nose. She might have adjusted that with her eyelid procedure. People is also saying that she looks younger than ever. This is might be the result of injecting Botox in various part of her face. Procedure was performed in such a manner that it looks real and natural.

PaekSang Award winner Jun has not confirm any of above cosmetic surgery. Media tries to find out the truth behind that and hope that they will soon get confirmed news about that. But, I must say by looking at picture we can speculate that she might have at least minor surgery. Please share your views by commenting here.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jung Yong Hwa, The greatest musician of South Korean is accused to went under the plastic surgery procedure for complete makeover.

Jung Yong-hwa was born in June 1989 in Yeoksam dong. His first name usually written as Yonghwa and sometime Yong-Hwa. He is emerging singer, actor, producer and songwriter of South Korea who has been engaged with CNBLUE, music group since 2009. Some of his record labels are FNC Entertainment and Warner Music Group which give him huge fame.

jung yong hwa before after plastic surgery

Possible Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery

There are group of people who usually tweet and post on their Facebook wall that Jung is changed now. This type of viral news spread gossip among his fan and now everyone is speculating about his changes.

When we compare the before and after pictures of Yonghwa we can clearly notice sign of surgery on his body. First and for most one is the eyelid surgery. See the right photo has wide and big eyes than left one. He might have had double eyelid surgery which is common among the South Korean celebrities.

Jung who was nominated for PaekSang Arts Award is also rumored for minor nose surgery and lip reconstruction. When I looked closely and compare above photo, I found the sign of lip augmentation only. Now he has well shaped and juicy lip, earlier he has ugly and too small lips.

One more thing which we can notice is big change in his hairstyle. So we can say that along with surgical process, Jung might have also used professional cosmetic treatment from some expert makeup artist. If you simply check his old photo, you would ended up saying that this is photo of some school boy, but if we look at latest picture we must have to say that this is photo of star celebrity of Korea. This is nothing but the power for combination of surgery and makeup treatment.

Cosmetic surgery of Jung Yong Hwa was successful and everything went well for him, that's why he looks handsome, attractive and appealing while on stage. What do you say? Please share your opinion by commenting here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After

Whitney Cummings a US based comedian actress is accused to have had plastic surgery to keep attractive.

Whitney Cummings was born on September 1982 in Georgetown of Washington. She is famous American comedian star who is best known for creator of CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She got much praised for her role in MTV show Punk’d running since 2003. Apart from that she appeared in various other TV show like Frankie Go Boom, Whitney and Made of Honor.

whitney cummings before and after plastic surgery

Possible Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

She is now talk of the town for her spectacular and gorgeous look. Do you know that she already entered into her 30s but still looks young and beautiful. Which leads many of us to start thinking about any possibility of surgery, she might have had.

Rhinoplasty Surgery : There wasn't any need of doing nose job but when we compare her recent picture with that of the older one then we can observe slight change on that. She might have some reconstruction process make her lower nasal cartilage big smaller and more rounded and pointed.

Eyelid and Face lighting : Another two big surgeries that Whitney had are eyelid surgery and facelift with lighting process. When we compare her before and after photos, there is no doubt that her face looks smooth, white and graceful. One can't get such face by simple or even professional makeup treatment.

There is also group of people who consistently saying that Cummings could had minor lip augmentation too. Her lips look juicy, wide and thick but we can't say that that is result of surgery, as when we compare her photos we can't see much difference.

Whitney Cummings denied all the rumors that were speared about her cosmetic surgery and said that I always go for professional makeup treatment and my makeup artist are smart enough to make my face glorious. What do you say my dear friends? Can you see any sign of surgery on her face? Please post your comments here.