Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cho Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cho Kyuhyun, The leading South Korean singer is another example of celebrity plastic surgery in Southern Asia.

Cho Kyuhyun was born in February 1988 in Seoul of South Korea. He is famous singer, radio DJ, song writer and musical theater actor. He has been working with Super Junior since 2006 and he is also known by his nicknames Scholar Kyu, Chubby Thing and DraKyu.

cho kyuhyun before and after plastic surgery

Possible Cho Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery :-

In Hollywood, Celebrity go for surgery for their hobby only, while in East-South Asia celebrity go under the knife to get more western kind of look.

In South Korea, It is common practice to go for surgery and there is no any restriction for that. So you can see that even non-celebrity people also rush for that. SkiKyu is one of those personality which we can easily catch with the changes.

According to the new look for Kyuhyun, We can say that like Yoon Shi Yoon, Cho might want to get totally western look to enhance his personality. When we compare his before and after photos we can easily recognize all the changes in his face. I must say you even don't believe that latest photo is of Cho.

Eyelid surgery : According to surgeon, Most shouted surgery that completely transform Kyuhyun's face is double eyelid surgery. It went well and due to that he looks completely different. His eyes are most noticeable change that we can see by compare both pictures.

Cho is the youngest member of K-pop boy band group, which is known as Super Junior-M. He is one of the main vocalists of Super Junior Group.

Cho Kyuhyun already confessed about that and he also added that his close friend even didn't recognize him after plastic surgery. He said that, "I'm happy with the result and hoping that my fans would also like that." What do you say? Do you think that cosmetic surgery went well for him? Please share your opinion by commenting here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Suzanne Somers is the American businesswomen how has been in controversy of plastic surgery which went wrong for her.

Suzanne Somers was born in October 1946 at San Bruno of California.She is famous American television personality, actress and well-known author too. She is best known for her role as Chrissy on "Three's Company" and She also write numerous books about maintaining weight. She also appeared and hosted many TV shows.

suzanne somers before and after plastic surgery

Possible Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery :-

Suzanne is one of those celebrity who is victim of bad cosmetic surgery. In world of glamor and especially when you are big celebrity you need to regularly go for some sort of surgical processes.

Botox Surgery : If you are fan of Suzanne and ever watch her on "Three's Company" then you would definitely wonder that she changed a lot. She is of 64, so definitely we can see some sign of old age but due to wrong surgical process her face look ugly and fake.

Somers might have had Botox injection along with facelift to get rid of wrinkles and forehead lines. By due to over filling, She cheeks become over puffy and one can easily recognize that she she went for surgery. Due to poor filler adoption her face is totally ruined and I think it would have been better without surgery.

Lip augmentation : I really don't know why at the age of 64, She decided to go for lip surgery. Again when we closely look at her recent photo we can observe that lip isn't suit to her current face. She just got lip filler to make it juice but because of too many wrinkle lines in her lip one can easily recognize that it is fake.

When you compare her before and after picture you can say that Suzanne Somers was not successful and she totally ruined her beauty. She hasn't confessed anything about her rumors, but her silence says hundreds words. What do you say? Does she really need such kind of artificial look and cosmetic surgery? Please share your opinion by commenting here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheryl Hines is one of those American celebrity who still looks young at the age of 48.  This may be due to plastic surgery procedure.

Cheryl Hines was born in September, 1965 at Miami Beach of Florida. She is famous Hollywood actress, producer, comedian, model and director. She is best known for her role in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm and for which she was nominated for Emmy Awards.

cheryl hines before after plastic surgery

Possible Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery

If you compare Chery's decade old photo with current one that you can easily say that she has changed a lot. She is in her 40s and within few year she would be of 50 but still she looks gorgeous and beautiful.

Botox Injection : Normally when we reach in our 40s we may see some wrinkles in our face and especially on forehead part. But this is not the case with Cheryl, She still have face free from wrinkles and this is result of injection filler in some part of her face. Along with Botox surgery she could also went for Facelift to keep her cheek tight when she smile.

Breast augmentation : Not only her face but various other part of her body has also been changed. You can see that her cup size is increased and now she has big and tight breast. She is mother of one but still she has sexy and hot figure. She might went for breastlift and implants too.

In Cheryl Hines recently stated in Tribeca Film Festival that "When cosmetic surgery give you happiness you should go for that." After this statement her fan around the world started speculating about all the possibility of her surgery. She never confirmed and confessed about her surgery controversy and due to his many still assume that all these changes are result of some regular exercise, workout and yoga.

What do you say? with Yoga and gym can we get hot figure and beautiful face like Cheryl Hines at the age of 48? I don't think. I must say that she might have had at least some minor surgery if not major. Please share your views and opinion by commenting here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tracey Bregman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tracey Bregman is the leading American soap opera actress who is in news for having plastic surgery.

Tracey Elizabeth Bregma was born in May 1963 in Munich of Germany. She is famous American actress who is best known for her role as Lauren Fenmore in "The Bold and the Beautiful" show. She is working in The Young and the Restless since 2001. She started her own yoga clothing line called as "Bountiful Buddha" and which become popular in Los Angeles.

tracey bregman before and after plastic surgery

Possible Tracey Bregman Plastic Surgery :-

Being popular soap opera actress, Tracey needs to have symmetrical and sexy body. Also she just entered into her 50s, which need more and more health care along with body care care from her. We recently compare her before and after pictures and found that she looks bit different than her 40s and 30s and this is not due to change in her age but it might be due to some cosmetic surgery that she could have done in past.

Botox and facelift : When you closely look at her photos you will realize some sign of botox injection along with facelift surgery. She has tight and stretch forehead without any wrinkle and lines. Same thing can be seen at her cheek and chin too.

Tracey is 51 year old and in order to be young and look sexy, She have had breast implants too. Media started speculating about possible of breast augmentation, when she arrived with golden gown showing her big and tight boobs in recent Emmy awards. We can clearly see her sexy chest with lifted and large breast.

Tracey Bregman don't confirm that anything about her recent changes. Some of her friends consistently saying that, "The change her in body is only due to regular expertise and yoga that she performs under instruction of experts." What do you say? Bregman looks good after plastic surgery or not. Please post your comments here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kari Byron, a Discovery Channel host is in rumors to have breast implant plastic surgery to get hot look in front of camera.

Kari Byron was born in December 1974 in California of USA. She completed her education from San Francisco State University and started her modeling and acting career in her early 20s. Now, She is popular television host, anchor and best known for her role on MythBuster show running by Discovery Channel. She has been nominated for Astra Awards for favourite international personality or actor.

kari byron breast implant plastic surgery

Possible Kari Byron Plastic Surgery :-

In her recent appearance at MythBuster show, She was looking quite different, especially her breast. One can easily identify the changes in her breast. This is how more and more people started speculating about possibility of surgery.

Breast augmentation : As you know that, breast surgery is nowadays common among the celebrities, but Kari is not that well famous Hollywood star. She is just a television personality and which lead us to first investigate each and every aspect of her life before concluding anything about her surgery. If you want more information you should check and compare her before and after pictures.

First time when I watch in her recent show, I too wondered that she might have had some sort of surgeries but I little investigate and found that she recently gave birth to her first baby. As you know that increase in the breast size is fortunate side effect of pregnancy. Due to breastfeeding and nursing a newborn.

I can also see small sign of increased weight and that is too natural after pregnancy. But still this is my personal opinion and Kari hasn't give any comment on that issue. So it may possible that she could have cosmetic surgery for inserting silicon filler in her breast.

What do you say? Do you think, Byron went under knife for increasing her boobs? Please share views by your commenting here.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Thompson is one of the few lyricist and beauty who always rumored to went for plastic surgery to get rid of old age look.

Linda Diane Thompson is the well-known American musician, actress and pageant winner. She was born in May 1950 in Tennessee of USA. She got lot of media attraction as Elvis Presley's longtime girlfriend. She has two children and there names are Brody and Brandon.

Linda Thompson before and after plastic surgery

Possible Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery :-

We can easily identify that Linda went under surgeon's knife and one probable reason behind that is that she never wants to be old.

She is at age of 64 but we hardly find any wrinkle on her face and this is surely the result of Botox Injection and Facelift. Well, She hasn't confirmed any of her surgery but still it's not rumor, as even child can identify the big changes in her body. In her recent leaked photo playing tennis at beach, Her legs were full of wrinkle and saggy too. But her face skin was tight.

When we compare her recent photo with that of older one, we can see that along with Botox she could have cheek augmentation and dermal filler in some part of her face. Her cheek looks plumped and puffy to give her young look. But unfortunately it went wrong and she look horrible now.

Blepharoplasty : Another possible surgery she could have is eyelid. She don't have any crow's feet and her eye looks small and under skin is also tight. In eyelid surgery doctor pull up the eye area and remove the wrinkle from under eye skin. Which we can clearly observed from her photos.

Apart from all these, Linda also have had Breast implants and nose job. She might want to look young and sexy forever. In recent Emmy Awards she appeared with red dress showing her big boobs to appeal that she still looks hot and sexy. But fact is that cosmetic surgery at the 60s doesn't look appealing and same is the case for Linda. Due to so much of surgeries her face look ugly and one can easily recognize that it is the effect of surgery only.

What do you say, Linda Thompson still looks good or she lost her natural look? Please share your views by commenting here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Octomom Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nadya Suleman also known as Octomom is rumored to have had series of plastic surgery after giving birth to eight premature.

Nadya Suleman, Full name is Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman was born in July 1975 in California of US.  She got media attention after giving birth to octuplets in January 2009. She has appeared in many national and local television program and also also interview with Ann Curry. In 2013, She got AVN awards for her work at "Octomom Home Alone" movie.

Octomom Nadya Suleman before and after Plastic Surgery

Possible Octomom Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery

Rumors about different kind of surgeries of Nadya have been spearing around after she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in April 2010. When Oprah asked her about possibility of any surgery she cleverly refused and denied that. But people start looking but the truth of the rumor.

lip augmentation : We check various picture of Octomom and after comparing her current photo with 20s, we can say that she might went under surgeon knife for getting thick and juicy lips. You can see that her lips look a like as Angelina Jolie's lip. May be she got inspiration about child and surgery from Angelina only.

Chick and Chin Surgery : In order to keep her sexy and attractive she also have some work done in other part of her face. Looks like some filler has been injected and that's the reason why her chick looks puffy.

Breast enlargement : After appearing in short movie of "Octomom Home Alone", critics consistently saying that she might have breast augmentation, so that she could look appealing, hot in movie. After comparing before and after photo we can say that she might have done some work over there too.

Nadya Suleman refused all such rumors and said that "increase in breast size is due to producing milk only." She added that I'm breastfeeding to eight of my child and that is the reason you may see bigger boob. What do you say? Does she look good? Please post your opinion by commenting here.