Saturday, April 12, 2014

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robin McGraw an Author is rumored to undergone plastic surgery to get new look and to improve her personality.

Robin McGraw is the famous author and wife of Dr Phill McGraw. She has written well known book including Inside My Heart and What’s Age Got to Do with It. She occasionally appears in several television program and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two son and amazing dog Maggie.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and after
Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Photo - Before and after

Possible Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery :-

According to many surgery analyzer She might have had nose job, Botox injection, lip augmentation, cheek implants. When she recently appear in the Opera Show we can totally unrecognizable and looked like young in age of 30s but fact is she is no more in 30s and all this things force us to start thinking about her possible surgeries.

Nose Job :- When you see the recent photo of Robin you will probably first see her nose, As it completely changed. Now her nose is well shaped, rounded and much bigger as well. Earlier she was having small nose.

Cheek Implants :- Another possible surgery is changed in her cheeks. Now this 50 year old author have plump cheek by injecting some filler into that. Earlier she was having slightly deep cheek.

Botox Injection :- This is the surgery which almost every celebrity having  50 plus age think about. As a result of botox treatment you can remove wrinkle from your face by some filler injection on many area of that. So you can see that McGraw is looking young now.

lip augmentation :- Last but not least is lip job. When you compare her before and after photo we can say that now she has perfect pair of lip which might be due some lips filler.

When Media asked Robin McGraw, She completely refused to go for any plastic surgery and said that I completely against such kind of cosmetic changes and added that new look is due to usage of proper beauty cream and treatment. So what do you say, Does she right? Or she have had surgery to look young?

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